First two points for Germany

First two points for Germany
Eszti Kiss

The XXIII. IHF Women’s Handball World Championship has officially started with the match between the hosts Germany and Cameroon. The first goal of the main event was scored by Angie Geschke, however, the match didn’t start well for the hosts. One of the best players of the German team, Kim Naidzinavicius suffered a supposedly serious knee injury with even less than two and a half minutes played from the match. She was taken to the hospital where she will undergo further examinations but the situation doesn’t look well for her and for her team. After the early shock, the German players were struggling in attack while Cameroon did some great things on the court. It was Germany that had the lead throughout the game, but the difference wasn’t as big in the first half as previously expected. The hosts had only 4-5 goals of advantage against the Africans – after 30 minutes played from the match, Germany was leading 12-7.

In the beginning of the second half, Germany turned to a higher speed and the gap started to grow significantly between the two sides. The Africans were rough and made some ugly fouls that were punished hard by the Norwegian referees. The unusually rough game from the Africans brought them a lot of suspensions and even the first red card was deserved by Cameroon. There were no questions about the German victory – the most important goal for the hosts was to finish the match without more injuries. Germany won 28-15 and solved the homework, but the injury of Naidzinavicius puts a shadow to the joy of the home crowd. After the match, one thing became sure: with this amount of suspensions received, Cameroon won’t be a contender for the fair play team of the competition…

IHF Women’s Handball World Championship – Group D (Leipzig) – Round 1
Germany – Cameroon 28-15 (12-7)
Germany: A. Loerper 5, L. Fischer 4, F. Gubernatis 4, S. Huber 3, J. Behnke 3, A. Lauenroth 2, A. Geschke 2, N. Mansson 2, J. Karolius 2, K. Wohlbold 1
Cameroon: V. Djiepmou 3, A. Ngo Nleng 2, Y. Touba 2, J. Baniomo 2, L. Atangana 2, P. Nchouapouognigni 1, G.A. Mahala 1, J. Yotchoum 1, A.M. Essam 1
Penalties: 9/7 ; 6/3
Suspensions: 2 minutes ; 18 minutes (red card: V. Djiepmou)

Player of the match: Friederike Gubernatis

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