Norway crushed Hungary in the opening

Norway crushed Hungary in the opening

Bietigheim, Germany

EGE Trans Arena

Group B

Norway –  Hungary  30 – 22(21 – 11)


Norway – Mørk 7(3), Kristiansen 2, Herrem 3, Brattset 4, Oftedal 4, Hegh-Arntzen 2, Løke 3, Solberg 3, Jakobsen 1

Hungary – Bódi 3, Schatzl 3, Szöllősi-Zacsik 1, Kovács 3(3), Kisfaludy 2, Görbicz 3(2), Hafra 4, Lukavs 1, Kovacsics 2(1)

The match was started better by Norway scoring on several fast breaks, after Lunde-saves and Hungarian mistakes in attack. Camilla Herrem, Nora Mørk and Veronika Kristiansen showed how quick they are, 7-2 for Norway after 8 minutes.Timeout from Kim Rasmussen did not help at this time, as Norway continued the fluent attacking game and Katrine Lunde was still invincible in the goal. After 18 minutes Norway was in a 13-5 lead, and Kim Rasmussen called his second time-out already, meant to stop the Norwegian storm. Hungary started a play with seven field-players, with Szekeres the second line player and with empty goal. This tactical move seemed to work on the offensive play, as they managed to score several times, 15-9 was the result when Thorir Hergeirsson called his time-out. This interrupted the good Hungarian series and Norway managed to accelerate again, scoring on fast breaks and to empty goal, winning the first half by 21-11.

Hungary started by scoring two quick goals, Háfra and Schatzl were the scorers, but Lunde was still like a wall in the Norwegian goal, and Norway was successful from wings, as Solberg and Rösberg Jakobsen were scoring. Next minutes young Noemi Háfra scored twice on right back and got also a 7 meter on that position, saved by Grimsbö.

Hungarian play was characterized by many mistakes in attack, in clear situations against Lunde, so the huge difference was almost normal in this situation. Háfra continued to impress with her courageous play, and Hungary led the second half’s result 6-8 when Hungarian head-coach called his last time-out today.  Heidi Löke and Stine Skogrand scored again for Norway, while Háfra made herself remarked again with a scoring. Kovacsics scored from seven meter, Heidi Löke netted from the line and the game ended with a Görbicz-goal, 30-22 for Norway.

Best player of the match: Katrine Lunde (NOR)

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