Poland surprisingly clear victory against Sweden

photo: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud
Poland surprisingly clear victory against Sweden

Bietigheim, Germany

EGE Trans Arena

Sweden – Poland 30 – 33 (15 – 17)

Sweden – Toft Hansen, 2 Ekenman-Fernis 2, Gulldenn 5(2), Hagman, Alm 3 5(2), Mellegård 5, Roberts 4, Lagerquits 1, Blomstrand 2

Poland – Grzyb6 (1), Kudlacz-Gloc 7(2), Janiszewska 2, Drabik 4, Achruk 9(3) , Kobylinska 2, Roszak 1, Urtnowska 2

Suspensions: 8 minutes; 10 minutes

7 meters: 5/4;  7/6

photo: SZI

The match between Sweden and Poland started in front of a fully crowded arena with many Swedish and Polish fans on the stands to support their teams. Both teams did great things in attack, but the match was far away from any defensive performance, as almost all of the attacks was finalized with a goal on both sides, Gullden, Achruk, Grzyb or Hagman were responsible for the efficiency of their teams. The result was varying between equal and one goal advantage for one of the teams: 2-2, 3-2, 7-6, 7-7, with a slight Swedish advantage. Poland took the lead at the first time 8-9, then 11-12. In the second part of the first half, both the Polish goalkeeper, Placzek and Idehn in the Swedish goal managed to pull out some saves, but the Polish keeper showed a better performance at the end of this half, helping her team to get fast breaks and the lead in the match. Poland was in a three-goal advantage 14-17, but in the last second Jenny Alm scored for 15-17.

The second half has brought a better start for Poland, being successful in every offensive move, getting three seven meters in the first 6 minutes of the second half and keeping their lead, 18-21. Swedish time-out at this very moment was meant to stop the Polish pace, but nothing seemed to help against a brilliant Achruk-Kudlacz-Gloc duo, scoring the most of the goals in this part of the match and netting from distance, on an empty goal several times, 19-26.

Some quick mistakes from Poland and fastbreaks from Sweden made the match close again, 23-26, 24-27.  The Swedish team had a come-back with two goals, 26-28, but Poland had always been a step forward, and Achruk or Kudlacz-Glocz always managed to score or create a good situation for others.

Poland was better in every element of the game today and got a deserved victory against Sweden: 30-33.

Player of the match: Kinga Achruk (POL)



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