World Championship 2017 Germany

Hard-fought Brazilian victory against Tunisia

Photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud
Hard-fought Brazilian victory against Tunisia

Brazil surprisingly lost a point against Japan in the first round – however, considering how the match was going, it was rather a gained point for the South Americans. On the other hand, Tunisia faced Russia and lost by 20 goals. This time, it was crucial for Brazil to defeat the Africans to keep the chances of the 1/8 final alive. However, the match started the same way as against the Asians: after 12 minutes played, Tunisia was leading 7-2. The rest of the match was also similar to Brazil-Japan: Brazil kept running behind, each time a little closer but never close enough because Tunisia always found a way to maintain the lead. The key player of Tunisia’s lead was the most experienced Mouna Chebbah – she stood on the top of her troop to lead them during the whole match. For the half time break, Tunisia kept three goals of the advantage (13-10). In the second half, the scenario remained: Brazil was chasing the Africans and Tunisia was emerging forward. When the Tunisian advantage grew to five goals with just 15 minutes left (20-15), the former world champions seemed to be in trouble. This was the final wake up call for Brazil to turn the match around and they didn’t fail to grab this chance. In a few minutes, they were back on one goal and in the 53rd minute, Eduarda Amorim equalized for the first time in the match and Barbara Arenhart showed some great saves to give her team a chance once again. Two minutes later, Brazil even took the lead for the first time in this world championship (21-22) and even though Mouna Chebbah still had a word to say, the last goal came from Brazil so they collected their first win in the tournament (22-23).

IHF Women’s Handball World Championship – Group C (Oldenburg) – 2nd round
Tunisia – Brazil 22-23 (13-10)
Tunisia: M. Chebbah 7(1), O. Dardour 4, M. Kouki 4, I. Jaouadi 4, A. Hamrouni 3
Brazil: A.P. Rodrigues 7(3), S. Rocha 5, E. Amorim 5, J. Quintino 3, P. Machado 1, T. Costa 1, T. Araujo 1
Penalties: 1/1 ; 5/3
Suspensions: 8 minutes ; 10 minutes

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World Championship 2017 Germany

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