World Championship 2017 Germany

Difficult Danish win against Brazil

Photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud
Difficult Danish win against Brazil

In the closing match of the 4th round of Group C, Denmark met Brazil in Oldenburg. It was an important match for both teams: with a win, Denmark could have ensure the qualification for the next stage, while for Brazil, a victory could have meant them a big step towards the 1/8 finals. This time, Brazil was more careful in the first minutes than in the previous games, they didn’t let their opponent gain a bigger advantage in the first period of the match. Even though Denmark started better, Brazil took over the control quickly and the first significant lead could be registered on their side (6-3). Both goalkeepers, Sandra Toft and Barbara Arenhart started well and Brazil was a lot more accurate and more self-confident than in the previous games. Denmark was struggling in attack and their most dangerous players were Stine Jorgensen and Kathrine Heindahl. Brazil managed to keep this 2-3 goal lead until around the 25th minute (10-7) when Denmark came back close and they even equalized with a little less than a minute left from the half. Both teams scored in the final minute of the half so the standing remained undecided (13-13). The second half started with great saves from both goalkeepers, almost 5 minutes passed until the first goal of the second half and the first Danish goal arrived only after almost 10 minutes. Denmark even struggled on 6 against 4, but they took the lead in the 44th minute anyway. After that, the Danish players were more confident and Sandra Toft was excellent in the goal while Brazil became less accurate in the finalizations. With less than 10 minutes left, Denmark was leading by 3 for the first time (17-20) and they managed to keep this advantage until the end of the match. Denmark took two important but very difficult points against Brazil and will play in the 1/8 finals for sure. Brazil’s fate will be decided in the last round.

IHF Women’s Handball World Championship – Group C (Oldenburg) – Round 4
Brazil – Denmark 20-22 (13-13)
Brazil: A.P. Rodrigues 6(2), S. Rocha 3, E. Amorim 3, D. Fachinello 3, J. Quintino 2, T. Costa 2, T. Araujo 1
Denmark: S. Jörgensen 9(1), K. Heindahl 6, M. Fisker 2, S. Böhme 2, F. Woller 1(1), T. Ostergaard 1, M. Tranborg 1
Penalties: 3/2; 3/2
Suspensions: 4 minutes ; 8 minutes
Player of the match: Sandra Toft (DEN)

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World Championship 2017 Germany

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