World Championship 2017 Germany

Romania and Slovenia increased their number of points

photo: IHF official
Romania and Slovenia increased their number of points

Trier Arena

Group A

Slovenia had an easy task today when meeting Paraguay and took the victory and the mandatory two points as expected.

Paraguay –  Slovenia 22 –  28 (9-18)


Paraguay – Canata Moringo 8 (2),  Insfran Mora 4, Acuna Insfran 3,Fernandez 3, Faria Servin 3, Gonzalez 1

Slovenia – Gros 6(4), Stanko 6(1), Koren 4, Amon 4, Vrcek 2, Beganovic 2, Rudman 1, Zabjek 1, Abina 1, Irman 1

Suspensions: 6 minutes; 10 minutes

7 meters:  2/2; 5/5

photo: IHF

In the second match of group A Romania faced Angola. Romanians needed these two points in order to be able to keep their chances alive for winning the group. Angola is out of the race for eighth-finals already, but they are a difficult team for every opponent to play against. As followed Angola made Romania seem to struggle as the Romanians could not take the advantage in the first half, almost during the entire first half Angola was in lead, their goalkeeper making a good match and team-captain Guialo was a real leader of her team. On the Romanian side, Cristina Neagu had a weaker first half and the Romanian defense and goalkeeper cooperation were not working either.Halftime result: 14 – 14.

In the second half, Romania managed to grab the lead but it did not last too long as Angola came back, leveled the game and was in advantage again. Ambros Martin tried to explain calmly to his team how to play to be able to win, and the girls responded well when in the last five minutes of the match equalized and took the lead, winning the match with three goals. Cristina Neagu scored the last three goals of Romanians, with pure willingness and energy, getting for her team the fourth victory in four matches. Final result: 27 – 24

Romania –  Angola 27 –  24 (14 – 14)


Romania – Neagu 7 , Geiger 4, Pintea 3, Ardean-Elisei 3, Udristoiu 4, Dragut 1, Florianu 3, Buceschi 2

Angola – da Silva 1, Machado 1, Silva 3, Kassoma 2, Carlos 1, Cazanga 7, dos Santos 2, Guialo 7

Suspensions: 4 minutes; 8 minutes

7 meters: 2/2; 5/4

Player of the match: Isabelle Guialo (ANG)

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World Championship 2017 Germany

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