World Championship 2017 Germany

The Netherlands is in the semifinals again

photo: IHF official
The Netherlands is in the semifinals again

IHF World Championship, Germany

GETEC Arena Magdeburg


The Netherlands met in the quarterfinals the surprising Czech team, which eliminated earlier Romania from the competition. The best ever achieved position for the Czech Republic is already a fact, but the girls of Jan Basny are ready today for new challenges. On the other side of the court, there is nobody else than the silver medalists from last EURO and WCh and the Olympics semifinalists.

Dutch team opened the match as expected, with high tempo and speed, scoring the first two goals, Tess Wester was saving and the Czech emotions seemed to be put the mark on the match. The Netherlands got a five-goals lead 6-1, 7-2, 8-3, the girls of Helle Thomsen were playing with a lot of enthusiasm. Lois Abbingh in attack and Tess Wester in the goal were outstanding. The turning point came when Jan Basny took his time-out, which was followed by successful Czech attacks and Lucia Satrapova improved her performance in the goal as after 10-5, Czechia came closer to 10-9, closing the gap in a period of five minutes (21.minute). In the following minutes Czechs were all the time just one step from the Dutch team, and even if Yvette Broch and Lois Abbingh helped their team with goals to a 14-11 lead, Luzumova led her team back into the game and the first half ended 17-16.

In the second half Czechs started with leveling the game, Iveta Luzumova was on fire. The Dutch team was kept in advantage by Lois Abbingh when the opponent came closer or equalized, 19-19, she just put the ball behind Satrapova. The Czechs managed to keep up until the 50.minutes when the result was 24-24, but the team of Helle Thomsen pulled themselves together and took back the control, winning the game 30-26.

With this victory, Netherland is for the fourth time in a row in the semifinals of a world-competition.

Netherlands –  Czech Republic  30 – 26 (17 – 16)


Netherlands – Kramer, van der Heijden, Bont, Abbingh 14 (4), Snelder 3, Knippenborg, Broch 2, Groot 3, Dulfer 1, Jankovic, Smeets 2, Rozemalen 1, Malestein 2, van der Wissel, Wester, Polman 2

Czech Republic – Galuskova, Rysankova, Salcakova 1, Manakova, Kordovska, Hrbkova 1, Satrapova 1, Luzumova 11 (5), Adamkova, Marcikova, Müllnerova, Setelikova 1, Kudlackova, Zachova 2, Jerabkova 7, Mala 2

Suspensions: 8 minutes; 10 minutes

7 meters: 7/4; 5/5

Player of the match: Lois Abbingh (NED)

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World Championship 2017 Germany

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