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Referees deciding the final result, Germany got a point after video-check

photo: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud
Referees deciding the final result, Germany got a point after video-check
Ibolya Szekeres


Group C, Split

In an exciting match when Slovenia was in a five-goal lead after the first half, 15-10, Germany managed to fight back and level the game ten minutes before the end.

The drama happened in the last 15 seconds of the game when Germany equalized 24-24, but Slovenia manages to take back the lead after a fastbreak, scored by Janc. With two seconds left Germany had not much time to try to score again, but Slovenian players tried to stop the German shoot stepping into the middle circle of the court. The match was over, at least we thought it when Germany started to protest at the referees and EHF delegate.

Suddenly the two referees  GATELIS Mindaugas (LTU) and MAZEIKA Vaidas (LTU) has decided to watch a video of the last seconds of the game. They kept watching this video for at least five minutes, and they seemed to be very insecure about what happened and what they should decide.

Finally, they came back to the court, gave the ball for Germany, Blaz Blagotinsek got a direct red card and Germany could try their luck from 7-meter line. Tobias Reichman scored and the match ended 25-25. Veselin Vujovic could not believe his eyes…the match of his team was once again decided by the referees…

Slovenia –  Germany 25 –  25 (15 – 10)


Slovenia – Blagotinsek 3, Kavticnik 3, Janc 4, Cingesar 1, Zarabec 5, Bezljak 3, Mackovsek 4, Mlakar 1

Germany – Gensheimer 7, Reichmann 4, Weinhold 2, Pekeler 2, Weber 3, Groetzki 4, Hafner, Kuhn, Drax 1-1-1

Suspensions: 16 minutes; 6 minutes

7 meters: 4/2; 9/5

Player of the match: Miha Zarabec (SLO)


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  1. upset guy

    January 15, 2018 at 23:09

    The drama didn’t begin at the end, it was present the whole match, the referees were certainly there in favour of the Germans, when the Slovene coach complained over an obvious false faul call by both of the referees they were so ignorant they threw a second penalty on another player without even analysing it. Pardon my language but the referees that match were utter garbage.

  2. Godmax

    January 16, 2018 at 14:59

    Fantastic referees

  3. Matheei

    January 16, 2018 at 17:10

    Sadly I only was able to watch the last 5 regular minutes, so I can´t judge the referees’ performance for the whole game. They might have been good or bad. I don´t know. What I do know, is they seemed pretty nervous about watching the video.
    Just an unusual situation for everyone. But whether you like it or not, I think it takes a lot of courage that way with the whole stadium going nuts around you.
    Sadly the rule itself leaves no room for interpretation and I just don´t get why the professional players risked this in the first place.

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Euro 2018
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