Euro 2018

Macedonia and Germany shared points

photo: Nebojsa Tejic
Macedonia and Germany shared points
Ibolya Szekeres


Group C, Split

Germany made a replacement before the game, Finn Lehmke came in replacing Bastian Roschek. Macedonia started better the game leading 2-5, but Germany managed to come back and to make the match sharp and balanced. Andreas Wolf and Ristovksi made a good game in the two goals.Germany won the first half after hard fight 12-11.

In the second half, the match was as close as in the first, both teams showed a big desire to collect the two points here. Macedonia had a slight lead during the entire second half, but the match ended a draw at the end, 25-25. Both teams had the chance to score the goal of the victory, first Macedonia had the ball, but Heinevetter saved Stojlov’s shoot from the line, then after a time-out, Germany had eleven seconds to score, but they made a mistake and the chance was gone.

Germany –  Macedonia  25 –  25 (12-11)


Germany – Gensheimer 5, Wiencek 4, Reichman 1, Weinhold 8, Fath 2, Pekeler 1, Weber 2, Groetzki 1, Drux 1

Macedonia – Manaskov 5, Stojlov 3, K.Lazarov 5, Taleski 6, Kuzmanovski 2, Peshevski 3, Popovski 1,

Suspensions: 6 minutes; 4 minutes

7 meters: 2/2; 4/3

Player of the match: Borko Ristovski (MKD


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Euro 2018
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