Transfer overview – Norwegian League

photo: Storhamar Håndball Elite
Transfer overview – Norwegian League

As every year at the start of the season, we try to make an overview of the transfers, looking mostly at those teams which are interested in the Champions League and European Cups

Vipers Kristiansand

Newcomers: Henny Reistad (Stabæk –  backplayer), Hanna Yttereng (Byåsen – line player), Josefine Intelhus (Stabæk – right back), Sunniva Næss Andersen (left wing), Silje Katrine Waade (Byåsen – right back), Ole Gustav Gjekstad (head coach)

Left: Kari Brattset (Gyori Audi ETO KC), Sakura Hauge (Nykøbing Falster), Kristin Nørstebø (Tertnes), Pernille Wang Skaug (Oppsal), Kristine L. Borgersen (retires), Kenneth Gabrielsen (headcoach – new job)

There are rumors and statements from the club that they intend to transfer two Angolan players:  the 22 years old line-player Albertina Kassoma and the 32 years old right-wing Carolina Morais, could join the club during the next period.

The Norwegian champion lost their most important pillar when Brattset left for Hungary, and the transfer of Sakura Hauge could weaken the goal, Lunde stays alone as an experienced goalkeeper. Vipers participate in CL groups.

Larvik HK

Newcomers: Mari Molid (Randers – leftback), Yasminee Gluić (Follo – goalkeeper), Sara Møller (Follo – left wing), Karoline Lund (Aker – backplayer), Guro Ramberg (own club), Sofie Løwe (own junior), Geir Oustorp (Larvik headcoach –  former coach)

Left: Kristine Breistøl (Team Esbjerg), Thea Mørk (København Håndball), Tamires Araujo (Kisvárda KC), Gabriela Moreschi (Magura Cisnadie), Tor Odvar Moen (Siofok KC –  headcoach)

Larvik HK got a spot in the groups of the Champions League, but their squad is somehow weakened after Thea Mørk, Kristine Breistøl and Tor Odvar MOen left the club. They are forming a new team with young talents, and a former Larvik-player, Mari Molid returns.

Storhamar HK

Newcomers: Chana Masson (goalkeeper, last club Odense, after that child-birth), Stine Lidén (goalkeeper, comeback), Synne Fossheim (Gjøvik – lineplayer), Guro Nestaker (Oppsal – backplayer), Anna Sofie Sandberg (Grue – backplayer), Simona Szarkova ( DHK Banik Most-backplayer), Kristin Venn (Byåsen – leftwing)

Left: Andrea Næss (?), Martine Hovden (?), Hilde Egseth (?), Anne Kjersti Suvdal (retires), Inga Presker (goalkeeper- Arendal), Aleksandra Zimny (backplayer – ?), Kamilla Sundmoen (pregnant)

Storhamar managed to keep Heidi Løke and also managed to transfer Brazilian goalkeeper Chana Masson (39), who has a lot of international experience. They have strengthened the backplayer lineup with young talents and a Slovakian player, Szarkova. On the leftwing Juhasz will be helped by a very fast young winger, Kristin Venn. Experts in Norway are saying that Storhamar goes for the gold in the upcoming season. (EHF Cup)

Rita Lakatos – photo: MKSZ/Cseh Peter

Byåsen Håndball

Newcomers: Rita Lakatos (Vac – playmaker), Julie Bøe Jacobsen (Rælingen – playmaker), Anna Huse ( Oppsal – leftwing), Anna Kallestad (Sola –  right back), Caroline Aar Jakobsen (Tertnes – lineplayer), Marie R.Hansen (Melhus)

Left: Moa Högdahl (Viborg HK  – RB), Silje Waade (Vipers –  RG), Hanna Yttereng (Vipers – LP), Kristin Venn (Storhamar – LW), Marit Røsberg Jacobsen (Team Esbjerg –  RW)

Many of the important players left the team, but Byåsen still builds its team on the young aged  Norwegian prospects, and one playmaker rom Hungary, 20 years old Rita Lakatos, new junior World Champion this summer.


Newcomers: Thale Rushfeldt Deila (Glassverket), Dorte Groa (Gjerpen), Andrea Rønning (Gjerpen), Maja Muri (Aker), Ida Drønen (Østsiden), Julie Hulleberg (own junior), Tea Malmstrøm (own junior), Ida Marie Syversen (own junior)

Left: Marthe Berger, Ida Wernersen, Anett Andersen, Melanie Felber, Pernille Christensen, Emilie Wernersen, Nadja Grozdanic, Albesa Kuqi, Birgita Ivanauskaite.

(EHF Cup-participants)

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