Transfer overview women – Denmark

Thea Mørk replaced Larvik with København - photo: Tamas Csonka
Transfer overview women – Denmark

As every year at the start of the season, we try to make an overview of the transfers, focusing mostly at those teams which are interested in the Champions League and European Cups.

Last season HTH League in Denmark was won by København Håndbold, which is directly qualified to the CL alongside with Odense HC, which finished the championship on the second place. In the EHF Cup will participate Viborg HK (1st qualification round), Herning-Ikast Håndbold (earlier FC Midtjylland) and Nykøbing Falster Håndbold –  in the second qualification round. Team Esbjerg joins EHF Cup in the third qualification round.

København Håndbold

Newcomers: Linn Blohm (Herning-Ikast Håndbold/SWE) – lineplayer, Amalie Milling (HIK/DEN) – goalkeeper, Thea Mørk (Larvik HK/NOR) – left wing, Larissa Nusser (Dalfsen/NED) – leftback, Marie Wall (H65 Höör/SWE) – left wing, Emily Sando (Odense HC/NOR) – goalkeeper

Left: Rikke Ebbesen (?), Stine Knudsen (retires), Myrthe Schoenaker (VfL Oldenburg/NED), Louise Svalastog (retires) – lineplayer, Marie Tømmerbakke (retires due to health issues/NOR) – goalkeeper

København Håndbold looks stronger and better covered on every position as the year before when they managed to win the Danish League. Swedish and Norwegian players with long experience from CL-matches will strengthen the team (Sando, Mørk or Blohm) which will fight in the groups of Champions League.

Odense Håndbold

Newcomers: Ingvild Bakkerud (Skrim Kongsberg/NOR) – leftback, Sara Hald (TTH Holstebro/DEN) – lineplayer, Tess Wester (SG BBM Bietigheim/NED) – goalkeeper

Left: Emily Stang Sando (København Håndbold/NOR), Stine Svangård (Le Havre), Susan Thorsgaard (?), Pearl van der Wissel (retires/NED)

The team of Jan Pytlick looks strong on the paper, with two exceptional goalkeepers, Danish, Brazilian, Norwegian and Dutch national team players, and well covered on every position. Champions League will be a big challenge for them, entering the competition for the first time.

Tess Wester, Netherlands | Photo: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud

Tess Wester moved from Germany to Denmark | Photo: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud

Team Esbjerg

Newcomers: Kristine Breistøl (Larvik HK/NOR) – leftback, Clara Monti Danielsson (Randers HK/SWE)  lineplayer, Rikke Marie Granlund (Oppsal IF/NOR) – goalkeeper , Marit Røsberg Jacobsen ( Byåsen HE/NOR) – rightwing, Annette Jensen (TTH Holstebro) – centre back, Line Jørgensen (CSM București) – rightback, Emma Cecilie Nielsen (Gudme HK) – right wing

Left: Sofie Blichert-Toft (Skanderborg Håndbold), Anne Brinch-Nielsen (EH Aalborg), Lara González (ESBF Besançon/ESP) – leftback, Ida Bjørndalen Karlsson (retires/NOR) – rightback, Maibirtt Kviesgaard (retires), Lærke Møller (retires), Ine Stangvik (ESBF Besançon/NOR) – goalkeeper, Ulrika Toft Hansen ( SWE/ ?) – lineplayer, Rikke Zachariassen (retires)

Herning-Ikast Håndbold (earlier FC Midtjylland)

Newcomers: Sarah Iversen (Nykøbing Falster Håndboldklub) – lineplayer, Stine Skogrand (Silkeborg-Voel KFUM/NOR) – rightback

Left: Louise Ellebæk (Silkeborg-Voel KFUM) – leftback, Linn Blohm (København Håndbold/SWE) – lineplayer, Laura Jensen (TTH Holstebro) -centre back, Helene Kindberg (Silkeborg-Voel KFUM) – rightback, Veronica Kristiansen (Győri ETO KC/NOR) – leftback, Sabine Pedersen (Randers HK) – lineplayer, Judith Sans (Bera Bera/ESP) – lineplayer, Naja Nissen Kristensen (Rinkøbing Håndbold on loan) – leftwing, Nanna Hinnerfeldt Nielsen ( Rinkøbing Håndbold) – lineplayer

Nykøbing Falster Håndbold

Newcomers: Sakura Hauge (Vipers Kristiansand/JPN) – goalkeeper, Dione Housheer (VOC Amsterdam/NED)  -right back, Isabella Fazekas Jakobsen (Ajax København) – leftback, Line Skak (TTH Holstebro) – lineplayer, Yui Sunami (Hokkoku Bank/JPN) – rightback

Left: Celine Lundbye Kristiansen ( Aarhus)  -rightback, Sarah Iversen (HIK) – lineplayer, Tiril Merg (Skrim Kongsberg/NOR) – leftback, Mie Sørensen (Molde HK) – goalkeeper

Sakura Kametani, Japan

Sakura Hauge Kametani left Vipers Kristiansand to be the first goalkeeper in Nykøbing Falster – photo: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud

Viborg HK

Newcomers: Stine Andersen (TTH Holstebro), Pauline Bøgelund (TTH Holstebro) – rightback, Ida-Marie Dahl (Ajax København) – lineplayer, Moa Högdahl (Byåsen HE/NOR) – rightback

Left: Sidsel Bodholt (retires), Signe Hald (til ?), Clara Høgh-Poulsen (break), Nikoline Lundgreen (TTH Holstebro), Nataša Nolevska (Ringkøbing Håndbold), Sanna van Olphen ( ?), Mathilde Storgaard (EH Aalborg)

Randers HK are not European Cup partiicpants but they made some interesting transfers: German veteran playmaker Nina Müller (Bietigheim) moved back to Denmark, the same did Swesish Jamina Roberts (ÉRD), Julia Eriksson (IK Savehof) and Norwegian Celine Sivertsen (Tertnes Bergen)-right back. Clara Monti Danielson (Team Esbjerg/SWE) – lineplayer, Mari Molid (Larvik HK/NOR) –  leftback and Daniela Gustin( Bietigheim/SWE) – right wing left the team.

At the same time with Nina Müller, another German player moved back to Denmark: Susan Müller joined Silkeborg-VOEL on the right back position for one year.

As we can see, the tendency shows that in the Danish League we can mostly find Swedish, Norwegian and Dutch foreign players. There are also few players from Germany, Brazil, and Japan.

Summarizing the transfer movements in Denmark we can conclude that Veronica Kristiansen (Győri ETO KC) is the biggest loss for the Danish League, regardless of which team we are talking about. Some big profiles like Louise Svalastog, Lærke Møller, Pearl Van der Wissel (NED), Ida Bjørndalen-Karlsson (NOR), Maibritt Kviesgaard retired and some controversial players like Nina Muller and Susan Muller returned to the Danish League from Germany. Beside this many Norwegian players moved to Denmark, among them young talented prospects also like Moa Høgdahl, Kristine Breistøl or Ingvild Bakkerud. Interesting to mention that Japanese national team players are also willing to move to Denmark in order to develop their play.





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