Euro 2018

Group A: Serbian and Danish victories

photo: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud
Group A: Serbian and Danish victories
Ibolya Szekeres


Group A, Nantes

After a close first half where Poland had a slight lead before the pause 13-14, Serbia stayed close and after 38 minutes they managed to grab the lead 19-18, in order to increase it and keep it until the end of the game. The leader of Serbians was rightwinger Katarina Krpez-Slezak, scoring 11 times and being the best player of the match.

Serbia –  Poland 33 – 26 (13 –  14)

Referees: Bethmann, Tzaferopoulos (GRE)


Serbia: Tomasevic, Colic (GK) – Krpez-Slezak 11(5), Lavko 5, Lekic 3, T.Radojevic 3, Radosavljevic 3, Cvijic 2, Pop-Lazic 2, Stevin, Kovacevic, Nikolic, D. Radojevic, Vukajlovic, Dmitrovic

Poland: Gawlik, Placzek (GK) – Kudlacz-Gloc 6(2), Grzyb 5, Labuda 4, Achruk 4, Kobylinska 3(2), Janiszewska 1, Zych 1, Drabik 1, Lisewska 1, Sobiech, Matuszczyk, Rosziak, Woloszyk, Kochaniak

Suspensions: 6 minutes; 8 minutes

7 meters: 5/5; 5/4

After a terrific start of the match for Denmark, where Sweden took a 1-5 lead, they came into the match slowly, but they had to chase their opponents during the whole first half, which ended 15-16. In the second half of this Scandinavian derby, Denmark managed to find the rhythm of the game and took the control of the match, leading 19-17, after 5 minutes played. But Sweden did not give up and fought back, so the match continued with a very sharp fight, and even if Denmark had a 29-27 lead the match was decided in the last seconds. Denmark scored for 30-29 by Østergaard, but Sweden had the ball and could score in the empty Danish goal, when Anne Mette Hansen blocked Blomstrand, meanwhile she was standing in the 6-meter area. After a video replay from referees, Hansen got the red card, Sweden got the seven-meter throw, which was saved by Sandra Toft. This meant Danish victory in an exciting match, 30-29.

Denmark – Sweden 30 –  29 (15 – 16)

Referees: Jurinovic/Mrvca (CRO)


Denmark: Toft, Reinhardt (GK) – Tranborg 7, Hansen 5, Østergaard 4(1), Højlund 4, Heindahl 4, S.Jørgensen 2, Nolsøe Pedersen 1, Offendal 1(1), Nielsen 1, Iversen, Woller, K.Jørgensen, Griegel, De La Cour

Sweden: Bundsen ,Idehn (GK) – Hagman 7(5), Gullden 5(2), Roberts 4, Massing 3, Mellegård 3, Lagerquist 2, Blomstrand 2, Gustin 1, Alm 1, Strømberg 1,Jakobsen, Blohm, Sand, Lundstrøm

Suspensions: 12 minutes, 1 RC; 6 minutes

7 meters: 4/2; 9/7


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Euro 2018
Ibolya Szekeres

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