Euro 2018

Shock defeat for Norway when facing the new German edition

photo: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud
Shock defeat for Norway when facing the new German edition
Ibolya Szekeres


Group D, Brest

Before the game, the big favorite was the Norwegian team, despite their injured players: Nora Mørk, Amanda Kurtovic and Thea Mørk (in the squad, but having a muscle injury) and Stine Skogrand pregnant. The German team with their new head coach, the Dutch Hank Groener made a fantastic figure and did not let for their opponents to play their own game. Germans played on a high tempo, putting an immense pressure on Norway, so for the spectators was an exciting game, where 65 goals were scored.

In the first half, Norway had a small advantage in the beginning, 6-4,11-8, but the first half ended 16-16, due to a fighting German team, which never let Norway get a huge advantage and never let them feel comfortable. In the second half, Norway was also in lead, but Germans equalized, took the lead and showed to have the chance to get a victory. The match was very exciting until the last seconds, the young German team had been patient and scored a half minute before the end, Norway had the chance to equalize, but did not happen and Germany won the match. Best player of the game was Stine Oftedal.

Norway –  Germany 32 –  33 (16 –  15)

Referees: J.Bonaventura, Ch.Bonaventura (FRA)


Norway: Lunde, Solberg (GK) – Reistad 2, Hegh-Arntzen 4, Kristiansen 2, Løke 5, Waade 2, Oftedal 7(1), Aune 3, Brattset 1, Sulland 3(3), Solberg 1, Tomac 1, Ingstad, Jacobsen 1

Germany: Eckerle, Roch (GK) – Zapf 1, Berger 2, Grijssels, Schmelzer 2, Smits 4, Benhke 4, Zsochke, Bolk 5(1), Grossman 5, Weigel 1, Geschke 3(2), Muller 1(1), Schulze 1, Stolle 4

Suspensions: 10 minutes; 10 minutes

7 meters: 5/4; 7/4

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Euro 2018
Ibolya Szekeres

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