Thea Mørk is done, she stops her career

photo: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud
Thea Mørk is done, she stops her career

Right before Christmas, when everybody is preparing for the holiday and is wrapping the last gifts, the shock-news is coming: 27 years old Thea Mørk has announced that she stops her career immediately after she missed her first ever European Championship with Norway because of a hamstring injury. She also breaks the contract with her Danish club with immediate effect.

Thea Mørk was injured half of her career, altogether 5 and a half years: three ACL ruptures, four times she dislocated a shoulder and once had a shoulder injury,  two Achilles-injuries, and several smaller muscle and joint injuries kept her outside the handball court, for more than half of her entire career.

Thea Mørk had a very good season start in her new club, both in the CL and Danish league. But the  Norwegian leftwing lost her motivation and she says that she also has an OFF button, which she wants to push now.

“It is very sad, but I feel done. I can’t take any  more. I had so many injuries, but the hope to be able to play for Norway in a final tournament, kept me going all this time. When I finally got the chance and was there, my body did not want to cooperate. I am sick of that I have to consider all the time if I can play or I can tolerate things. I feel that I am not competitive.

“After the shoulder injury I had a long recovery, and I was thinking that if something more is coming, I will not be able to take it. But the national team was a dream and I had a very good time with the team. In the match in Brest when I had to leave the court my mind said that there is no meaning to be there. I lost all the motivation

“I have been thinking day and night since and now I came to a conclusion. I don’t think that my body will allow competing for an Olympic team. I have to be good enough to be among the best or there is no reason to continue. Actually, I also have a stop button. I can’t tolerate any more downturns.

Thea Mørk will restart her studies and aims for a master grade in renewable energies. She has studied part-time when she played in Larvik, no she will have full focus on this.

“In the last years, I have never trusted my body totally, that’s why I was studying all the time. When the others will leave to Tokyo, I will be finished with my studies. So if somebody has a job offer for me in 2020, I will happily take it.”- said Thea Mørk for

Thea Mørk has to let go the dream by playing together with Nora in the national team, but she has a long list of results with Larvik, where she won seven times the Norwegian League and Norwegian Cup and the Champions League in 2011.

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