Norwegian Cup Final won by Vipers Kristiansand

photo: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud
Norwegian Cup Final won by Vipers Kristiansand

Norwegian Cup Final

Oslo Spektrum


  • Vipers are the Norwegian Cup titleholder from the last season
  • Storhamar is the first time qualified to the final, which is every year organized in Oslo Spektrum, between Christmas and New Years Eve
  • In Vipers there are seven players from the Norwegian national team are on the court: Sulland, Lunde, Waade, Hegh-Arntzen, Tomac, Reistad, Aune, meanwhile in Storhamat there is Heidi Løke
  • Foreign players in the two teams: Chana Masson (BRA), Gabriella Juhasz (HUN), Moa Fredrikson (SWE)/ none from Vipers
  • The first half: there are two strong goalkeeper performances from Chana Masson (Storhamar) and Katrine Lunde (Vipers) and the teams are also showing a strong, compact defense. Vipers had all eyes on Heidi Løke, the lineplayer of Storhamar could not get almost any ball from her teammates. The match was a very close race, both teams were in lead several times, but only with slight advantages, 3-2, 4-5. Storhamar had the lead in the middle of the first half for a longer period, but Vipers managed to come back, equalized  9-9 and took the lead, 14-9 which was the result at the pause.
  • Vipers has operated with fastbreaks, leftwingers Olsen and Jonassen scored several goals after saves from Lunde, but Sulland, Waade, Kristiansen were also efficient for the south Norwegians.
  • Storhamar had troubles in the positional attacking play, as there play is build on lineplayer, but Heidi Løke was strictly watched by the opponents middle defenders. Masson had a good period for Storhamar in the goa, but she was replaced by Stine Liden afterward, who made an impressive period, stopping several Vipers attacks.
  • The second half: Storhamar started with an impressive comeback, Bettina Riegelhuth scored three goals and Elise Skinenhaugen was also efficient from the right wing. 16-15, then 18-16 (40.min), 20 – 17 (42.min). From the middle of the second half it looked like that Storhamar lost the grip on the game, Vipers just accelerated the play and scored on fast breaks, 26-19 (49.min)
  • Linn Jørum Sulland got a dir3ect red card due to a fault on Heidi Løke, which was considered as a dangerous play by the referees
  • Storhamara managed to fight back, 28-25 with three minutes left in the game, but Tomac and Waade made sure the win for Vipers
  • Vipers won their second Norwegian Cup final  31 – 25

Vipers Kristiansand –  Storhamar Handball Elite 31 – 25 (14 – 9)

Referees: Ropstad Isachsen/Hell


Vipers: Lunde, Fagerheim (Gk) – Olsen 3, Hegh-Arntzen 2, Refsnes, Aune, Dahlum, Jonassen 3, Waade 4, Sulland 3, Wibe, Kristiansen 5 2, Tomac, Yttereng 5, Reistad 4, Næss Andersen,

Storhamar: Mason, Liden, Hasanic (GK) – Juhasz 1, Aambak 1, Løke 2(1), Skinnehaugen 3, Folkword, Venn 3, Enkerud 5, Engan, Fossheim, Svele 1, Fredriksson, Riegelhuth 7(1), Nestaker 2

Suspensions: 8 minutes, 1 RC; 2 minutes

7 meters: -; 2/2

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