World Championship 2019 GER/DEN

Argentina caused problems for Hungary, Croatia defeated Iceland

photo: MKSZ/ Anikó Kovács
Argentina caused problems for Hungary, Croatia defeated Iceland

IHF World Championship

Group B

It was an even match from the beginning, 9-9 after 16 minutes, but Croatia managed to get the lead before the break. In the second half, Croatia kept the lead for a longer period but Iceland managed to come back and the match became even again. In the end, it was Croatia who managed to get the two points.

Iceland –  Croatia 27 – 31 (14 –  16)

Referees: Boualloucha, Khenissi (TUN)

Topscorers: Aron Palmarsson(HUN) 7 goals and Luka Stepancic (CRO) 8 goals

Suspensions: 10 minutes/4 minutes

7 meters: 2/2; 4/1

Group D

Hungary entered the game as big favorite of the match, having a much more compact squad than Argentina, the South Americans missing also Diego Simonet, their best player. Hungary had a good start, leading 0-4, with a good Mikler in the goal and a defense which made Argentina struggle. But Cadenas, the head coach of Argentina found the solution quickly and Argentina started to score, 4-7, and come as close as 8-9 (22.minute). The first half was won by Hungary 10-13 and we could say that this will end as expected. But in the second half, Argentina changed their play, both in defense and attack, which seemed to be a difficult task for the Hungarian team led by the head coach duo Csoknyai-Matic. Even if Balogh continued to score, Banhidi was the strongest on the line and Lekai was also dangerous in the Hungarian attack, this was not enough against a very eager Argentinian team, led by Pablo Simonet and followed the tactics of Cadenas. Argentina had a one-goal lead in the last 15 minutes of the match, but the match ended draw in the end.

Argentina –  Hungary 25 –  25 (10 –  13)

Referees: Lopez, Sabroso (ESP)

Topscorers: Pablo Simonet (ARG) 6 goals and Zsolt Balogh (HUN) 11 goals

Suspensions: 8 minutes; 6 minutes

7 meters: 1/1;6/5


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World Championship 2019 GER/DEN

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