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VELUX EHF FINAL4: Veszprém defeated Kielce and go to the final

photo; Voros David/
VELUX EHF FINAL4: Veszprém defeated Kielce and go to the final


Cologne, Lanxess Arena

photo: Voros David/

First semifinal:

Telekom Veszprem – PGE Vive Kielce 33 – 30 (13 – 13)

Veszprem made a fulminant start, leading 4-0, 5-2, with an outstanding Sterbik in the Hungarian goal. Kielce had problems to score, but Veszprém could not increase the difference significantly, 7-5, 8-5. Kielce made a good period, Kulesh, Dujsebajev scored for equalizing at 8-8 and Sterbik got injured on his left foot after a collision with Mamic. He could not continue the match, needing treatment. Kielce took the lead in the last part of the first half, 9-11, but Tønnessen, Ilic, and Gajic secured the leveling of the game, 11-11. Strlek netted for a new lead for Veszprém, 13-12. The first half result: 13-13.

photo: Voros David/

The second half was as close as the first half, in the first ten minutes, the two teams had a good fight. Nenadic showed his qualities in the attack, scoring goals without any existing chances, giving a hard time for the Polish defense. After 41 minutes played Blagotinsek was eliminated with a red card for a slap on the face of the opponent, but he can hopefully play on the next game tomorrow. Nenadic and Lékai continued the show in the attack, scoring for a four-goal lead, 28-24 for Veszprém. Nagy seemed to be also injured, on his left shoulder, not being able to help his team in the second half. Kielce equalized 28-28 when Cindric, Dusjebajev or Janc prooved to be dangerous in their attacking play. 30-28 was the lead for Veszprém in the 55. minute of the semifinal and the Hungarian champion led by Mikler, Nenadic (12 goals in the game!), and Lékai never gave the chance for Kielce to be able to come back and won the semifinal 33-30.

David Davis – photo; Voros David/


Veszprem: Mikler (28%), Sterbik (56%) (GK) – Manaskov, Ilic 1, Tønnessen 2, Gajic 5(1), Nilsson, Nagy 3, Marguc, Strlek 4(1), Terzic, Blagotinsek 2, Nenadic 12(3), Mahe, Mackovsek, Lékai 4

Headcoach: David Davis

Kielce: Cupara (19%), Ivic (GK) – Bis, Dujshebaev 7(2), Walach, Aguinagalde, Jachlewski 1, Janc 3, Lijewski, Jurkiewicz 1, Kulesh 3, Moryto 2, Mamic 2, Cindric 5, Fernandez 1, Karalek 5

Headcoach: Talant Dujsebajev

Suspensions: 8 minutes, 1 RC; 4 minutes

7 meters: 6/4; 4/2

Player of the match: Petar Nenadic (Telekom Veszprem)

source for photos: – archive

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