Champions League

Easy victory for Győr, surprising Banik Most takes points from Krim

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Easy victory for Győr, surprising Banik Most takes points from Krim

DELO Women’s EHF Champions League

First round

Group D

Győr played a typically season-opener, with some ups and downs but showing confidence, good teamwork, using the game for practicing new things and giving playing time for every players. Kiss made a fantastic first half, Brattset, Amorim or Hansen made a good match also, Savehof tried to keep up with the title-holder, with not so much success.

Győri Audi ETO KC – IK Savehof 35 – 23 (17 – 11)

Referees: Pinar Ünlü Hatipoglu (TUR), Mehtap Simsek (TUR)


Győr: Kiss, Leynaud – Brattset 5, Amorim 5, Hansen 5(1), Oftedal 4(2), Nze MInko 4, Knedlikova 3, Bódi 3, Fodor 2, Puhalák 2, Faluvégi 1, Edwige 1

Savehof: Kroon, Björnesson – Mortesnen 5, Forsberg 5, Dano 4, Lagerbon 3, Pettersen 2, Lindberg 2, Lundback 1, Örtorp 1, Cardell, Lundell

7 meters: 3/3, 1/1

Suspenions: 2 minutes/10 minutes

The CL-rookies from Czech Republic payed a visit to Krim in Ljubljana and in their first CL-match, managed to steal both points from a much more experienced Krim, which has been weakened before this season.

Krim Ljubljana – DHL Banik Most 29 – 31 (14 – 13)



Krim: Vojnovic, Mamic – Varagic 12(1), Baric 6(3), Van Kreij 3, Zulic 3, Kojic 2, Vucko 1, Zabjek 1, Rebicova 1, Juric, Klobucar, Abina, Bon Brzin, Gjerek, Klemenic

Banik Most: Müllnerová, Bezpalcova – Zachova 6(3), A.Kostelna 5, Strivskova 4, Borovska 3, Sustkova 3, Mikulcik 3, K.Kostelna 3,Manakova 2(1), Mikulasova 1, Dvorakova 1, Jungiva, Sipova, Eksteinova

7 meters: 5/4, 4/4

Suspensions: 10 minutes/6 minutes

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Champions League

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