Champions League

Undefeated Brest wins in Valcea

photo: Brest Bretagen facebook
Undefeated Brest wins in Valcea

DELO Women’s EHF Champions League

Round 6

Group C

Brest Bretagne arrived undefeated in Valcea and was pushed to pay their toughest game in the CL as hosts never gave up and fought hard during the sixty minutes. After a very close first half, Valcea had the lead in the second, but a more powerful Brest managed to level the game, control it and take the victory.

SCM Rm.Valcea – Brest 23 – 26 (13 – 14)

Referees: Marin, Garcis (ESP)


Valcea: Dumanska(31%), Ciuca(-), Batinovic – Glibko 5, Gonzalez 5, Lopez 4, Nørgaard 3(2), Elgahoui 2, Liscevic 2(2), Florica 1, Fernandez 1, Zamfirescu, Vieira, Badea, Adespii, Bacaoanu

Brest: Toft (30%), Quiniou( 50% 2/1) – Pop-Lazic 5, Coatanea 5, Gros 4(1), Kobylinska 3, Niakate 3, Lassource 2, Toublanc 1(1), Tissier 1, Foppa 1, Mangue 1, Minevskaja, Mauny, Gullden, Le Hir

7 meters: 8/4; 4/2

Suspensions: 10 minutes; 8 minutes

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Champions League

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