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Who will reach the quarter finals?

Who will reach the quarter finals?

We’re closing in on the final phase of the Olympic Games for both men’s and women’s sides. Quarter finals are going to be played soon and we’ll take a closer look at how it is going for the different nations. 

Despite their lack of freedom to move around in the city, it seems that they manage to entertain themselves within the borders of the Olympic city between the matches. Even if they try to keep their minds clear of all the stories in the media and people’s opinions, we do not think they don’t check pages like bonuskoodi.eu to check how the bookmakers rate their chances.

No big surprises on the women’s side

Let’s start with the women’s side. So far it’s not been any big surprises.
Maybe Japan’s victory against Montenegro was a little surprise, but still I think we could expect that Japan would win a match surprisingly against a supposingly stronger opponent, and on the other side Montenegro seems to be a little unstable.

The Netherlands are another nation that seems to be in good shape, even if they are without some of their star players. They’ve won all their matches so far, but still have to meet the other medal candidate in their group, Norway.

Norway are always expected to be in the top 4 in any championship. The Olympic Games are no exception. In numbers they’ve done their job, but we’ve been witness to some flaws in the play that needs to be removed if they want to go all the way and take the gold medal.

Probably both Korea and Japan will have trouble getting more points in the next two matches, and we will see both Angola and Montenegro join Norway and Netherlands in the quarterfinals.

In the other women’s group it seems that Sweden are back on track, and want to be in the good company amongst the best teams in the world. They’ve done a quite good job so far, and tied against the strong french team, and secured another two victories. 

We think Sweden could be top 4 this year.

Spain and France will probably be the two others that will secure their quarter final seats the next days. And, then we will see if there will be Brazil or the russians that will join the others.

Denmark and France the two strongest men’s teams

World Champions, Denmark, seems to be on their way to a new success in a championship on the men’s side. No loss, and it seems that they don’t play with full strength so far. Probably saving it up for the last three matches. 

Another Scandinavian team, Norway, who have done some pretty good results during the last years championship, seems to have some problems finding the good flow over time. They’ve played some good matches so far, were a little unlucky against Spain. A 7-meter throw after the final whistle at 28-28 turned that match into Spain’s favor. But, against Germany it did not look like a team who would fight for medal. 

Spain is always one of the teams who will fight for a seat amongst the final four teams.They’ve played close matches against both Norway and Germany, won against Brazil and lost for France. 

France have so far won all their matches, and will end as first in the group after Norway lost against Germany.

Germany played for their existence when they met Norway. With their victory against Norway they secured their quarter final place, and put Norway in a spot where they might have to go home before the quarter finals. 

In Denmark’s group B, Portugal, Bahrain and Japan will fight for the last seat in the quarter finals. All three have the chance to get the attractive ticket to the quarterfinals. 

Denmark, Egypt and Sweden are already secured a place in the quarter finals before they’ll play the last match.

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Olympic Games

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