Denmark and France play for the gold

photo: IHF
Denmark and France play for the gold

Yoyoga National Stadium, Tokyo


France – Egypt 27 – 23 (13 -13)

Referees: Lopez, Ramires (ESP)


France: Gerard (44%), Genty (GK) – Remili 4, Mem 5, Tournat 3, Karabatic 4, Abalo 2, Guigou 1,L. Karabatic 1, Fabregas 2, Descat 5, Porte 1, Lagarde, Mahe

Egypt: Hendawy (22%), Eltaya (25%) (GK) – Omar 5, Mohamed 2, Elwakil 2,Elderaa 2, Elahmar 5, Shebib 2, Mohamed Ali 4, Sanad 1, Elmasly, Kaddah, Elderaa S.

Suspensions: 6 minutes, 2 minutes

7 meters: 4/4; 6/4

Egypt started better, leading 1-5, 4-7, but France kept their calm and worked themself back to the game slowly, leveling the game at 7-7 at the half of the first half and taking the lead 8-7 shortly after. From this point, France had control of the game and even if the first half ended 13-13, in second, France was in front the entire game and qualified to the final, winning 27-23.

Spain – Denmark 23 – 27 (10 – 14 )

Referees: Brunner, Salah (SUI)


Spain: De Vargas (33%), Corrales (GK) -Fernandez 1, Entrerrios 2, Dujshebajev 5, Sarmiento 2, Figueras 5, Garcia 3, Gomez 4, Sanhcez-Migallon 1, Maqueda, Gurbindo, Sole, Guardiola

Denmark:Landin (38%), Møller (0%) (GK) – M.Landin 1, Svan 1, Mensah 4, Toft Hansen 2, M.Hansnen 16, J.Hansen 1, Gidsel 5, Holm 1, Andersson, Saugstrup, Mølgaard, Olsen

Suspensions: 8 minutes; 4 minutes

7 meters: 3/3; 6/5

Denmark took the lead from the start and despite a balanced first 15 minutes, where the Spanish team was close to the Danes 3-3, 5-5, Mikkel Hansen and his team made a clear, secure game, winning the semifinal in a controlled way and qualifying to the Olympic final once again.

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