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EHF EURO 2022: teams in main round

EHF EURO 2022: teams in main round

EHF EURO 2022 – main round – group 1

After a thrilling preliminary round, there are some surprises that advanced to the main round.

One of the surprises are the Netherlands that with the smallest margins possibly managed to get thru to the main round. As a result of this, the hosts Hungary, have to watch the rest of the tournament from the sideline.

All the expected candidates for the medals are still in play. Denmark had no problems in the preliminary round, and even managed to rest some key players in the last of the three group matches.

France seems to be strong, as expected. It will be a thriller when they meet Denmark in the main round. It could be that we’ll see them again in the final, to fight for the gold medals.

Iceland had some close calls with their 31-30 victory against Hungary, and 29-28 victory against Netherlands. Together with their 28-24 victory against Portugal they secured two points into the main round.

1. Denmark110030 : 2192
2. France110027 : 2252
3. Iceland110029 : 2812
4. Netherlands100128 : 29-10
5. Croatia100122 : 27-50
6. Montenegro100121 : 30-90

EHF EURO 2022 – main round – group 2

In group 2 we find the other two candidates for top 4. Both Spain and Norway were predicted to be among the four that would fight for the medals. The last scandinavian team, Sweden, were also mentioned to be a candidate that had the possibillity to make som waves amongst the top four.

Norway lost against Russia, and have had som challenges missing Gøran Johannessen and Magnus Abelvik Rød. And, the earlier pivot and captain, the rock solid Bjarte Myrhol, have retired. This seems to have an impact in the norwegians fight for medals.

Germany seems to be back after some years in the shadow. The question is if they can keep it going, regardless covid 19 or not.

Russia are another surprise in this championship. With their victory against Norway they got the attention they wanted. This secured the two points they now have in the main round.

Poland were lucky to get a ticket to the championship, and they were lucky to advance to the main round. In this group we think this is the end station for the polish team. It will be an even bigger surprise if Poland get points in the main round.

1. Germany110030 : 2372
2. Spain110032 : 2842
3. Russia110023 : 2212
4. Norway100122 : 23-10
5. Sweden100128 : 32-40
6. Poland100123 : 30-70
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Euro 2022

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