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  • Champions League
    Viborg won the first CL-final

    Viborg won the first Champions League final when Oltchim Valcea was beaten by seven goals in Viborg Saturday afternoon. The first period was a close fight with the two teams following each other on the scoreboard. Anyway it was Viborg who could go to halftime with a three goal lead, 14-11. After...

  • Champions League
    Still open between Györ and Oltchim Valcea

    After a draw, 25-25, between Györ and Oltchim Valcea there is still wide open which team who will advance to the final of champions league. With only seconds left Györ managed to score their 25th goal and got a draw. It was a thriller of a match where both teams changed to...

  • Champions League
    Viborg took the lead in the “Battle of Scandinavia”

    Viborg HK won the first of two matches in the “Battle of Scandinavia” against Larvik HK Saturday evening. With the result 27-21 Viborg have six goals advantage when they travel to Norway and Larvik next weekend. It was a real battle who found place in Viborg Stadionhal Saturday. Both teams started the...